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About The Greater Good

Our goal is to go from helping States to providing for the Nations.

“Doing a Greater Good”


In-Home Supports/Personal Supports

In-Home Supports or Personal Supports are available for adults living in their own home or family’s home who need assistance in activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing and meal preparation. Each individual receives a specific number of hours per week according to their needs. Supports can also include leisure and community integration as well as creation of safety nets to ensure the person can remain safely in their home for as long as possible.

Respite Care

Christ House, provides assistance to families to care for their loved ones when a needed planned break or emergency occurs. We provide the needed support and supervision, either daily or overnight, to allow the family members to attend to other responsibilities. Services are either in the family home or at the providers residential home depending on the location.

Adult Home Maker & Companion Services

Home Maker & Companion services provide support and supervision that is focused on safety and non-medical care such as the following:

  • Reminding Family member to bathe to take care of personal grooming and hygiene, and to take medication
  • Observing the supervision of snack and meal planning
  • Accompanying family member to necessary medical appointments and grocery shopping
  • Assisting with laundry and light housekeeping duties that are essential to the care of the family member.

No type of skilled medical service may be performed through this service.
Companion services are provided in accordance with a therapeutic goal and are not purely recreational in nature. Companion services are only available to family member who live alone, and may not exceed four hours daily.

Adult Day Training

Christ House Adult day program provides hands on staff supports to help our family members improve their daily living skills, fostering independence. Many of the individuals in our program will receives assistance to ambulate and understand the process of personal hygiene. Our programs are designed to provide focused supports for individuals to improve their communication, socialization, cognitive and daily living skills.

Our classrooms Activities are designed to focused on increasing independence improve communication, socialization, daily living and community involvement. Our family members can choose from a variety of options such as listening to music, creating artwork, or baking to name a few.

Group Homes

Christ House International Inc, provides residential services for adults and children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, including Autism. We currently operate a variety of Group Homes in local neighborhoods settings. The homes are staffed 24/7 with trained and caring staff who provide supervision and training to ensure that each person becomes as independent as possible while their daily living needs are being met. Additionally, supports such as medical, dietary, and behavioral services may be available.

Homes for youth ageing out of foster care.

Christ house provides small size community setting homes for youth ageing out of foster care. Our goal is to provide a safe haven for youth that has aged out of foster care. Assisting them to make the right decisions to live a stable life. Our program provides them with room and board along with a development coach . Our coaches provide resources needed to help adolescents transition to adulthood and live independently. This is a significant goal in our community from identifying their career path, applying for collage, creating a budget, proper hygiene and etiquette, money management, and communication skills just to name a few.

Job Placement for Background Challenged Individual

A criminal conviction doesn’t have to be the end of your career road – not by a long shot. If you’ve recently been released from jail or prison – or are likely to be released soon – Christ House International Inc transitional work programs can help you find work immediately, and apply for jobs with employers who won’t discriminate against you based on your criminal record. For a fact, a growing number of employers not only hire former convicts but actually seek out former criminals who are ready to choose a different path in life. Our goal is to provide background challenge individuals with valuable information. Knocking down the barriers background challenge individuals typically face as they seek re-entry to society, with specific strategies and tips to overcome the stronghold. Our workshops cover a variety of topics, job training, strategies for finding a job and other resources to help our program recipients. Applicants do not need any formal education in order to apply for the program Christ House program goal is to house, educate and train individuals for success in today’s society.

The Hot Meal, Sack Lunch & Supplies Program

Christ House International Inc. prepares free healthy hot meals, sack lunches and hygiene supplies every Monday to aid homeless individuals we set up at varies locations throughout Hillsborough county. For more information, you can call or visit our website to find out locations and times. We encourage all to volunteer an donate to help the hot meal sack lunch and supplies program growth aiding us to eradicate homelessness



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